Integrated Technology Logistics

Integrated Technology LogisticsWith our fulfillment experience we are able to assist our customers to better manage their critical business services. We are uniquely qualified to meet all aspects of your fulfillment needs, combining people, facilities and technology to offer you a powerful array of solutions. Our advanced processes and systems allow us to work as a seamless extension of your business.

We deliver an unparalleled information technology and logistics infrastructure that is the backbone of our business. Our integrated systems take the guess work out of the fulfillment process, virtually eliminating human error, so there’s little time wasted correcting problems. We provide our fulfillment partners with the most technologically advanced and secure e-commerce solution available today. Our sites are hosted on our secure, dedicated servers and fully integrate with our data management, accounting, fulfillment and reporting process. We fully utilize highly developed technology to deliver your orders in the most efficient and productive process.

We offer you everything you need to stay connected to your customers including order management, inventory distribution, returns management, merchant services and customer support.

  • Receive Orders via Online Shopping Cart, Phone, Fax and Mail.
  • Backend Order Entry System.
  • Proprietary Call Center dashboard.
  • Customer Care Management Support With a Case Management System
  • Secure Credit Card Transactions
  • Returns Processing
  • Customized Real Time Reports
  • Utilize multiple freight “Smart Choice” Technology

Through our electronic inventory management capabilities, we ensure that your products are adequately stocked when an order arrives. We monitor your inventory levels and automatically notify you when it’s time to replenish stock, allowing time for manufacturing runs, packaging and shipping. Your business benefits with faster, more accurate fulfillment and easy access to the information and controls you need to manage your e-commerce business.

Strategy, security and simplicity is the winning combination that makes our e-commerce responses the most efficient and effective solution available on the market today