Customer Care Management Services

At iHealth Fulfillment, we believe the customer care process goes beyond answering questions such as, “Where is my order?” and “When was my order shipped?” To your customers, nothing is more valuable than a hassle-free experience.

At iHealth Fulfillment we combine the latest technology with exceptional customer service to provide you with exceptional service. Our staff includes highly qualified, fully trained, web enabled personnel.

Our customer care team is tightly integrated into our order processing platform. Our integrated solution means a continuous flow between the customer and the e-commerce chain of functions:

Customer Service Agent Tools

At the core of any customer interaction is our easy to use customer service agent tools. Our sophisticated interfaces allow quick navigation of customer, order, shipping status and tracking numbers, issue details and other important information. From modifying an order, processing returns, or canceling orders to opening issues or attaching notes, it’s all just within one action click away.

Case Management Email Response System

At iHealth Fulfillment we use a proprietary Call Center dashboard with a Case Management System to deliver the highest level of automated service. The idea of this feature is to have all customer support emails or phone calls tracked, organized and documented. Each incoming inquiry is individually analyzed and appropriately resolved with intelligent responses that are continuously tuned as more lessons are learned from our customers.

Customer Self-Service Interfaces

Integrated within the iHealth Fulfillment e-commerce platform are tools that allow our customers to independently self-serve issues. From getting Return Authorizations to updating account information to editing orders, it’s all just a click way for our customers.