About Us

iHealth Fulfillment - About UsThese days, e-commerce business moves at lightning quick speed. Customers expect higher levels of service and convenience, and technology has created a virtually limitless demand for reliable, instantaneous business information. With one click of the mouse, the way that health and beauty goods are bought, sold and fulfilled have been revolutionized. That’s where iHealth Fulfillment comes in.

iHealth Fulfillment is a world class provider of direct-to-consumer and business-to-business customized, integrated, and outsourced nutraceutical fulfillment solutions for traditional and e-commerce companies. We provide a host of services which include customer care and response, fulfillment and distribution, inventory management, and more. Our e-commerce capabilities include data management, secure shopping carts and a custom web hosting solution. Our wealth of talent and experience allows us to help clients develop strategies and find opportunities to generate business growth. We are more than just a nutraceutical fulfillment company – we are your one-stop total solution source!

With iHealth Fulfillment fully-equipped modern operations centers strategically located throughout the United States, we are well-positioned to handle your customer service and order processing needs. The foundation that drives and supports your organization’s success is our primary focus: Providing excellent customer service and strengthening our client relationships by ensuring 100% complete satisfaction.

What could be more important to you than your customers’ orders being accurately and quickly processed, their questions answered promptly and courteously? Absolutely Nothing! And that’s why customer satisfaction is paramount to us. We not just your representatives; we are your partners. The entire iHealth Fulfillment model has been engineered from inception to deliver exceptional order fulfillment services and technology. You never have to worry about your orders being shipped so that you can focus on your core business.

iHealth Fulfillment client service and warehouse management team work directly with clients to fully integrate their operations. Together, our management team coordinates each program to assure our clients an efficient and timely fulfillment package. When it comes to product fulfillment, warehousing and web based technology solutions, iHealth Fulfillment will provide the answer for you.