About Us

IHealth Fulfillment is an American product development company that develops and sells personal care products and dietary supplements under a multitude of brands. The company is headquartered in Spring Valley, NY. After years of success defined by superior customer service and fulfillment satisfaction, IHealth Fulfillment evolved into a one-of-a-kind nutraceutical and cosmeceutical brand development company with unparalleled contract manufacturing expertise and a knack for opening up products to new markets for existing and newly created brands.


Our mission has, and will always be, to produce the most effective scientifically advanced health and beauty products available today. From start to finish, we use the most technologically advanced methods and contracted manufactured products to create consistent products that include only the most modern, scientifically-studied natural substances used at their optimal dosages and synergistic blends. Our company employs expert nutritional and medical professionals to research and develop our products – it is this experience and expertise that makes the end result that produces the highest and most innovative products that we deliver to our customers .

All IHealth products are made under the strictest quality control procedures and by adhering to the Good Manufacturing Practises (GMP’s) and Standard Operating Procedures (SOP’s) we can be confident in guaranteeing pure, potent and well-sourced supplements. We believe that these measures should be standard practice in addition to sourcing and testing all ingredients thoroughly before adding them to any product. The selection of all raw materials is in our complete control and we retain all documentation regarding the identity of these ingredients which are all tested for purity, composition and strength. Third party lab testing only adds to this comprehensive process which, when combined with our unparalleled and meticulous attention to detail, makes us confident in guaranteeing each and every one of our products. As our valued customer, you will always be certain that you are receiving a high quality, safe and effective product that is intended to enhance your overall health and vitality.

What makes IHealth Fulfillment unique?
At IHealth, we utilize the services of multi-channel independent marketing and advertising experts that deploy their services that are best suited to bring consumer awareness to our products. Our goals as a company is to create brand consistency as well as consumer awareness, and the benefits of utilizing strategic marketing experts plays a large part in delivering on those goals. The company markets approximately 70 product products in 54 markets direct to consumer, as well as through a network of independent distributors.

We works with premier independent marketers to figure out the best marketing strategies, based on both internal and external factors, such as trends, calendars, outreach and more. Through this, they help connect our products with publishers, editors, bloggers, affiliates in their network, as well as numerous other online and offline channels


  • Public Relations Media Planning
  • Content Development and Distribution
  • Posting Content To Paid Social and Advertising Networks
  • Competitive Analysis & Research
  • Blogger & Affiliate Outreach Networking
  • Quality Content Created by Professional Copywriters
  • Video Creation and Viral Media Campaigns
  • E-commerce Analytics Traffic and Revenue Generation Experts
  • Highly Transparent Company — Following All FTC Truth In Advertising Guidelines In Brand Development Efforts

Start your journey to the best you. Take your health to the next level with our wellness products that keep you looking and feeling great, inside and out.